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Multi purpose health worker/Health inspector/ sanitary inspector(HI)


Multi Purpose Health Worker (Male) / Health Inspector / Sanitary Inspector plays a vital role in the rural and Urban health care delivery system. They should be sensitive and accountable to meet the health needs of the community. They should be able to provide accessible, equitable, affordable and quality health care. Multi Purpose Health Worker (Male) / Health Inspector / Sanitary Inspector can act as a catalyst for promoting inter–sectoral convergence in promotive and preventive health care.

Public health is an important matter of concern for the municipal bodies in various states. Sanitary  inspectors play a crucial role in the protection of public health and environment in various ways. Their demand is increasing with the changes in the public health sector. Civic bodies in a state depend on health and sanitary inspectors for dealing with various public issues which range from safe drinking water, safety of food and general sanitary conditions.


This course, train students about methods and practices involved in maintaining top notch hygiene conditions. The students are given the knowledge about developing competence in health and family welfare, fulfilling the need for healthcare professionals with regards to government policies and developing expertise in public health. This is made possible by including subjects like Community Health, Role of Environment in Health, Nutrition & Healthcare etc. 

Sanitary Inspectors or sanitarians plays an important role in the prevention and control of diseases from spreading in the community .They primarily initiate the proper implementation of environmental sanitation making their roles with regard to the health of the community indispensable.

This course is approved by Department of Public Health, Tamilnadu Government.


The duration of certified study for the Health Inspector  shall be over a period of two academic years. The annual intake for our college is 80. 


  • The minimum age for admission shall be 18 years on the 1st day of July of the year in which the application made.

  • The maximum age for admission shall be 30 years  on the 1st day of July of the year in which application made.

  • The minimum educational requirements shall be passing of Higher Secondary (+2) with Biology (or) Zoology (or)    Botany and        must have passed Tamil language as a subject in 10th standard level



  • Anatomy/Physiology Laboratory

  • Public Health Laboratory

  • Sanitary Engineering Laboratory

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